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The Familiar Stranger

Author(s) Tauba Auerbach
Halmos, 2014
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Modified Casio watch produced in an edition of 200 – each able to display its unique edition number. Instruction manual with original text by Tauba Auerbach included.

I think about time — all the time.
I think about its elasticity and its asymmetry. I’ve always had a fraught relationship with this “familiar stranger” as J.T. Fraser aptly called it…

The Familiar Stranger is a study in chronobiology – a field of research that first emerged from the subterranean world of cave explorers in the 60s and 70s. Deep underground, devoid of external cues, the biological experiences of time proved to be elastic and subjective. Auerbach’s watch is designed to reproduce “cave time” with the display of a spinning cycle adjustable to match the wearer’s own biological rhythm.