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Douglas Houses: Puke In The Bus Till

Chrome Ribena Projects
79 Walker st.
New York, NY 10013


Douglas Houses: Puke In The Bus Till
June 11th – 27th

In conjunction with Chrome Ribena Projects and HALMOS, Art in General is pleased to present Douglas Houses’ Puke In The Bus Till, a New Work commissioned and executed specifically for the HALMOS street-level vested residency combinator.

Retreating ahead of the vicious short-circuit of local direct action into spot-prices gofundme embezzled in Houses’ previous works, Peaky Buzzkill turns its gaze and a fortiori that of any audience radically, paralyzingly inward, ostracizing community collectively. The title alludes to the moment this unevoked and uneducable unity passes from a transfixed but clandestine popular praxis into the inverse of an infallible emetic administered to Litch Bank of ATMs, specially adapted for SoMaMo fog drone and otherwise difficult to reterritorialize, refusing to deepen the field of vision to the goods on display within, which nevertheless do exist and exert a certain occult attraction. Like cortically-enhanced lichen screening vitrine of worker enactment, Houses scripts a vertical engagingly open to the merest reader but endurable for all.

Although they multi-platform the Crypto-Babadook Slashfic of Houses’ previous ecodurational lend-lease program Edible Arrangements (2012) and Incredible Arrangements (2014), the custom-framed and -glazed panels execute logic-chop my choice is predetermined Puke In The Bastille welcomes the specificity of co-incubated exhibitors help into extreme relief, thriving on proximate synergy but utilizing a system of tubing to come there subtweet.

Check back this space for updates.

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