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The Familiar Stranger
Tauba Auerbach

Edition of 200 +8

Fainnie Azul Horologe
Mark von Schlegell

Edition of 30 +5
Operation Manual PDF

Société Populaire
D.A.F. de Sade, et al

Paperback Edition

Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz
Dexter Sinister

Open Edition Watch

Memoirs of the Twentieth Century
Samuel Madden

Prevision. Should the Future Help the Past?
Liam Gillick

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The Familiar Stranger

Tauba Auerbach
Edition of 200 +8 now on sale.

The Familiar Stranger is a study in chronobiology – a field of research that first emerged from the subterranean world of cave explorers in the 60s and 70s. Deep underground, devoid of external cues, the biological experiences of time proved to be elastic and subjective. Auerbach's watch is designed to reproduce "cave time" with the display of a spinning cycle adjustable to match the wearer's own biological rhythm.


June 20 - July 17, 2014

Dexter Sinister, Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz on view at CAC
Dexter Sinister. Work In Progress, CAC Vilnius
An exhibition of work concerned with exiting regular modes of time arranged by Dexter Sinister.

The Fainnie Azul Horologe

Mark von Schlegell
Edition of 30 +5 now on sale.

If a true chronometer tells you what time it is not, until now, citizen, an honest watch was a lie.

The French Revolution and American slavery emancipation entangle in an alternate world in which the trajectory of history is mutable and egalité takes on extra-dimensional implications. So goes the chronautic undertakings of Fannie Azul, the protagonist in the eponymous work by author Mark von Schlegell. Out of this universe comes The Fainnie Azul Horologe - a new publication in the form of a digital watch: a ficto-chronographer that at once keeps the calendrier révolutionnaire according to the principles of decimal time as well as our own archaic Gregorian form. The timekeeper features a cosmological odometer, indexing in km/second as the Earth speeds through the cosmic background radiation: the one universal reference in a space-time defined by relativity. The Fainnie Azul Horologe was conceived by Mark von Schlegell with algorithm development by Erik Wysocan.


FEB 28, 2014

The Fainnie Azul Horologe Launch
Artists Space Books & Talks »
55 Walker Street
Friday, February 28, 7pm

A Countdown with Mark von Schlegell

Reading and Screening
3. Chrononautics: an introduction
A reading, with accompanying sound by George Rippon

2. The Fainnie Azul Horologe
An introduction to a French Revolutionary Timepiece

1. Starlite V and Epilogue of Starlite
A screening of a short fantasy film directed by Frances Scholz, adapted from a cycle of stories by Mark von Schlegell

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MAR 5 - MAY 12, 2013

Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz included in After The Museum: The Home Front 2013
MAD, New York »

In 2013, MAD's annual design program The Home Front: American Design Now expands its investigation into the current state of American Design into its very first physical exhibition: After The Museum: The Home Front 2013. Featuring more than 30 individuals and collaboratives, the exhibition will explore the role of the 21st century art and design museum in shaping and echoing contemporary design practices...

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FEB 6 - JUL 28, 2013

Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz to be included in White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart
ICA Philadelphia »

White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart presents the work of artists engaged with clothing, adornment, and self-presentation to highlight the inventive design, tactical implementation, or sartorial sense by which we multiply and complete our personalities. On view in ICA's First Floor Space February 6 through July, 28, 2013, this group exhibition takes inspiration from this definition by novelist JG Ballard - "Fashion: A recognition that nature has endowed us with one skin too few, and that a fully sentient being should wear its nervous system externally."

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OCT 24 - NOV 4, 2012

Book Week II: In Translation
Miguel Abreu Gallery »

Wednesday, October. 24th - Sunday, November 4th

Miguel Abreu Gallery and Sequence Press are pleased to present Book Week II: In Translation, with Collages by Raha Raissnia. The gallery floor will be arranged as a bookshop and reading room with recent titles from mostly local publishers. In addition, selections will be on hand from the Lower East Side Heritage Collection, a unique archive of specialized, non-circulating books at the Seward Park branch of the New York Public Library.

Dalkey Archive Press
New York Review Books
Open Letter Books
Seven Stories Press
New York Public Library's Lower East Side Heritage Collection

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