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Library Stack Beta Launch

January 25, 2015

Halmos is proud to announce the beta launch of Library Stack.

Art’s increasing tendency to take form as digital objects has inadvertently resulted in its mediums being regulated by proprietary and closed systems. Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble collectively control 95% of all digital ebooks for which buyers are given a license in place of ownership. With the move to licensed content public libraries must negotiate terms with each publisher for access to ‘content streams’ with little or no say with regard to individual titles. Under such systems, libraries are unable to access the works of independent art publishers and artist-produced content made in digital formats. Furthermore, the titles cannot be cataloged by the library database network, thus fencing digital publications solely within the closed domain of commercial interests.

In an effort to expose digital art content to Library databases, Halmos has initiated Library Stack – a card file of eBooks, Video, Audio and Apps focused on art and culture. Currently in the beta launch stage, Library Stack has developed a digital access port in accordance with the Open Archive standards set forth by the OCLC WorldCat database.  In this way Library Stack provides data references to otherwise closed works and makes the titles indexable to the 72,000 libraries that use the OCLC system. Additionally, Library Stack is beginning work with publishers to initiate a public lending program, providing direct media access to library patrons. Development has begun with ebook lending and will expand to other media in the future.



New in the Library Stack

The Magic of the State

Author(s): Michael Taussig

Set in the enchanted mountain of a spirit-queen presiding over an unnamed, postcolonial country, this ethnographic work of ficto-criticism recreates in written form the shrines by which the dead–notably the fetishized forms of Europe’s Others, Indians and Blacks–generate the magical powers of the modern state.

New in the Library Stack

Two Years At Sea

Director(s): Ben Rivers

Using 16mm cameras, artist Ben Rivers documents the solitary existence of Jake, a man who lives in isolation in the middle of a remote forest. The film follows his unconventional life, capturing moments of profound beauty. Jake is seen in all seasons, surviving frugally, passing the time with strange projects, living the radical dream he had as a younger man, a dream he spent two years working at sea to realize.

New in the Library Stack

Opening the Kimono

Author(s): Frances Stark, David Kravitz

When artist Frances Stark and Snapchat developer David Kravitz discussed the idea of having sex on stage during a public presentation at the New Museum last spring, it wasn’t entirely surprising.

This proposal came as part of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Conference, which pairs artists and technologists for a one-day collaboration with the prompt to “make something” and then present it to the public the following day. During their presentation, neither of their bodies was on view on stage (Kravitz came up alone for the Q&A). Instead, they appeared onscreen via a live iMessage conversation.

Soon, Kravitz was telling Stark about his friend’s suggestion that they have sex on stage. After further flirtatious repartee, Stark suggested that they “open the kimono,” a phrase used in Silicon Valley to describe an open sharing of business information. The oversexed exchange—fashioned in the style of a demo-day presentation—continued as the duo unveiled their main project: to “cut out the middlemen” from the “sublimated” sex orgy that is our economy. It was pure vaporware as absurdist critique.

– http://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/frances-stark-and-david-kravitz-em-opening-the-kimono-em

New in the Library Stack

XXX Macerena

Artist(s): XXX Macarena, Tony Conrad, Jutta Koether, John Miller

Primary Information and From The Nursery are pleased to announce their first collaborative release, an album by XXX MACARENA, a band comprised of Tony Conrad on violin, Jutta Koether on synthesizer, and John Miller on guitar. XXX MACARENA was recorded live at the Kunsthalle Zurich in June 2009. The performance is an entirely improvised 42-minute piece that ranges from microscopic detail to seismic wall-of-sound, full of intensities and introspection; a composition in-the-moment — like a crime, understood as somehow both premeditated and a matter of chance.


Now Available: The Familiar Stranger by Tauba Auerbach

October 5, 2014

Halmos is pleased to announce the launch of The Familiar Stranger – an edition of time pieces by Tauba Auerbach

Modified Casio watch and operation manual with original text by Tauba Auerbach. Produced in an edition of 200 – each able to display its unique edition number.

Available now at www.halmos.us.com/product/the-familiar-stranger/

I think about time — all the time. I think about its elasticity and its asymmetry. I’ve always had a fraught relationship with this “familiar stranger” as J.T. Fraser aptly called it…

The Familiar Stranger is a study in chronobiology – a field of research that first emerged from the subterranean world of cave explorers in the 60s and 70s. Deep underground, devoid of external cues, the biological experiences of time proved to be elastic and subjective. Auerbach’s watch is designed to reproduce “cave time” with the display of a spinning cycle adjustable to match the wearer’s own biological rhythm.


Tauba Auerbach’s work addresses principles of math, physics, language and logic and works in a wide variety of media, including sculpture, weaving, photography, book-making and musical instrument design. She has designed a number of typefaces, including a set of new mathematical symbols which are currently in use. Auerbach’s work is included in the collections of MoMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Centre Pompidou among others. Her most recent solo exhibition, The New Ambidextrous Universe took place at the ICA London. She is represented by STANDARD (Oslo), and Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

New in the Library Stack

Other Planes of There: Selected Writings

Author(s): Renée Green
For more than two decades, the artist Renée Green has created an impressive body of work in which language is an essential element. Green is also a prolific writer and a major voice in the international art world. Other Planes of There gathers for the first time a substantial collection of the work she wrote between 1981 and 2010. The selected essays initially appeared in publications in different countries and languages, making their availability in this volume a boon to those wanting to follow Green’s artistic and intellectual trajectory.

Charting this cosmopolitan artist’s thinking through the decades, Other Planes of There brings essays, film scripts, reviews, and polemics together with reflections on Green’s own artistic practice and seminal artworks. It immerses the reader in three decades of contemporary art showcasing the art and thought, the incisive critiques and prescient observations of one of our foremost artists and intellectuals. Sound, cinema, literature, time-based media, and the relationship between art forms and other forms of knowledge are just a few of the matters that Green takes up and thinks through. Sixty-four pages of color plates were selected by the artist for this lavishly illustrated volume.

New in the Library Stack


Director(s): Christian Petzold
Writer: Harun Farocki

It is the summer of 1980 in the German Democratic Republic and, alone, Barbara is confined to living and working as a doctor in a small provincial town – her punishment for attempting to emigrate to the West. She has only one focus; to escape and for this, she has to wait patiently. Until Andre, her supervisor in the hospital, takes her off course. Are his motives of love or duty to the authorities? The day-to-day pretence, and content supervision slowly take their toll as the tension builds.

– iTune

New in the Library Stack

Face Dazzler

Author(s): Petr Prokop

Counter facial recognition.

This application attempts to distort faces of photos so that they become unrecognizable by computer facial recognition.

It makes photos unable to be automatically tagged and matched to list of known faces – this way, no-one will be able to identify you by just having your picture.because dazzled images on web will not match it.

Inspired by old Dazzle warpaint and by CV Dazzle: Camouflage from Face Detection project, it uses highly contrasting sharp areas to throw off general purpose algorithms.

Usually, you might want to avoid having you likeness on internet, but this approach gives you another option – image family and friends will recognize , but machine won’t


* Some android phones inbuilt facial recognition might not work out well. ranging from bad performance to failure to provide such effect.

New in the Library Stack

The Coming Insurrection

Author(s): The Invisible Committee
Narrator: Jason McCoy

The Coming Insurrection is an eloquent call to arms arising from the recent waves of social contestation in France and Europe. Written by the anonymous Invisible Committee in the vein of Guy Debord – and with comparable elegance – it has been proclaimed a manual for terrorism by the French government (who recently arrested its alleged authors). One of its members more adequately described the group as “the name given to a collective voice bent on denouncing contemporary cynicism and reality”. The Coming Insurrection is a strategic prescription for an emergent war-machine to “spread anarchy and live communism”.


Dexter Sinister, Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz on view at CAC

June 20, 2014

June 20 – July 17, 2014 Dexter Sinister. Work In Progress, CAC Vilnius An exhibition of work concerned with exiting regular modes of time arranged by Dexter Sinister.

New in the Library Stack

Undermining: A Wild Ride Through Land Use, Politics, and Art in the Changing West

Author(s): Lucy R. Lippard
Award-winning author, curator, and activist Lucy R. Lippard is one of America’s most influential writers on contemporary art, a pioneer in the fields of cultural geography, conceptualism, and feminist art. Hailed for “the breadth of her reading and the comprehensiveness with which she considers the things that define place” (The New York Times), Lippard now turns her keen eye to the politics of land use and art in an evolving New West.

Working from her own lived experience in a New Mexico village and inspired by gravel pits in the landscape, Lippard weaves a number of fascinating themes—among them fracking, mining, land art, adobe buildings, ruins, Indian land rights, the Old West, tourism, photography, and water—into a tapestry that illuminates the relationship between culture and the land. From threatened Native American sacred sites to the history of uranium mining, she offers a skeptical examination of the “subterranean economy.”

Featuring more than two hundred gorgeous color images, Undermining is a must-read for anyone eager to explore a new way of understanding the relationship between art and place in a rapidly shifting society.

New in the Library Stack

Paganini’s 5th Caprice

Artist(s): Cory Arcangel

Paganini’s 5th Caprice (spliced together from a few hundred Youtube guitar instructional videos).

New in the Library Stack

Darkleaks: Decentralised Cryptographic Information Black Market

Author(s): Peter Todd, Amir Taaki
Decentralised Information Black Market
"Darkleaks: Decentralised Cryptographic Information Black Market"
    Scheme by Peter Todd
    Code by Amir Taaki

*Trustless provably fair information marketplace

    # WORK IN PROGRESS            #

* Distribute an encrypted file to the world.
* Reveal some random section of the contents to prove
  the legitimacy of its contents using an algorithm for provably
  fair random selection to all parties.
* People bid on the remaining parts.
* Leaker redeeming funds automatically releases the decryption key
  allowing people to unlock the remaining parts of the file.



New in the Library Stack

A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material

Artist(s): John Maus